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This article is for freshers and experienced Software Testers who want to be effective in Software Testing Job search or who want be more successful in clearing most of the Software Testing Interviews they attend. I will touch upon some of the aspects like, what to highlight in CV / Resume, channels available to search for Software Testing jobs, interview preparation, HR interview questions, and some tips on clearing interviews successfully.

For the benefit of freshers, I would start this article by explaining importance of Software testing, how much clients value Software Testing services and later explain how to increase chances of getting a Software Testing Job as a fresher or as an experienced Software Test Engineer. The intent of this article is not to bias freshers or anybody to choose Software Testing Career but to make them understand the importance and value of Software Testing in IT Industry, so that freshers can decide for themselves.

Incase you are fresher or less experienced software testers, I would strongly recommend to read article on What is Software Testing?, which explains what software testing is all about, why software testing is required, Cost of Quality, risks associated with softwares with defects, before you continue reading this article Continue reading →

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Software Testing Interview Questions

Below is an exhaustive list of questions asked during Manual Software Testing Interviews. These interview questions are submitted in our Software Testing Forum as well, click on “Answer” link against any of the questions listed below to answer the question to best of your knowledge or read answers submitted by others and provide your inputs. Continue reading →

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Team Building

Team of Software Testers or Software Testing Team ?



Every Test Lead and Test Manager wishes to lead a Successful Software Testing Team rather than a Team of Software Testers. Most of the Test Leads and Test Managers desire to be given a high performance software test team rather than building a high performance and successful Software Testing team. Continue reading →

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What is UAT (user acceptance testing)

Read this article on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) if you want to understand importance of UAT, clients or end user expectations from UAT, how UAT is planned and to understand UAT best practices.

What is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance testing is applicable for various engineering disciplines. Acceptance Testing is more rigorous and consistently followed in IT industry as every software or business solution to be delivered is unique. However, in this article, in this article, we will be focusing on Acceptance Testing in IT industry. Acceptance testing is the last stage of software testing. Acceptance Testing is usually performed by clients or end users who would be using the software once software is deployed in production environment. Acceptance testing is performed in a “Pre-Production” environment that closely mimics production environment i.e. in terms of hardware, configuration, external services etc. Continue reading →

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what is security testing



Security testing is one of the most important types of software testing that focuses on finding out vulnerabilities or weakness in the information system. Objective of Security testing is getting vulnerabilities identified and getting them plugged before they are exploited by unauthorized users or malicious programs.

Information system includes all the software, hardware, Operating system, network, Database, configuration and most important “data”.


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Manual Testing

Different people have different perception about Manual Testing. No matter how people perceive manual testing, importance of it will always remain the same.

importance of manual testing

What is Manual Testing ?

Manual Testing is the process of executing software to validate it against software requirements and to find defects / bugs.

Manual testing, as the name suggests, testing is done by a human being without using automated testing tools.

Manual testing can be performed on applications built on wide variety of technologies like web applications, windows applications or Mobile applications. Basic need for performing manual testing is an interface for user to provide input to application and verify the output. Continue reading →

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Jobs in software testing

Increase your chances of getting Software Testing Job, is the theme of this article. If you want to understand secret behind people who are successful in getting software testing jobs, then this is the article that you need to read. Being successful in getting Software Testing Jobs is all about the preparation, approach and attitude that makes some people more successful in getting Software Testing Jobs of their liking.

“Take away” from this article for you, is to find out what are the things you are already doing right and what other areas you should focus in order to increase changes of getting a Software Testing Job in a good Software company.

I have spoken to many freshers and experienced software testers and enquired them on the reasons they think due to which they were not successful in getting Software Testing Job in a good company. Most of the answers provided by them were biased and they did not want to acknowledge their faults or shortcomings, which is a human tendency. However, when I analyzed from a neutral point of view. I could figure out below reasons that were the root cause for most of them which were preventing them from clearing software testing interviews and not being able to get a Software Testing Job of their liking. So what are those root causes? Continue reading →

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Software Testing Training

Software Testing Training is not only important and required for freshers but also equally important and required for experienced software testers as well. However, training needs and course content differs for freshers and experienced software testers. Software Testing Training does not only mean, trainings on software Testing Basics; there are trainings available on Software Testing Tools, Test Estimation, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Software Testing Certification oriented courses, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) topics like Six Sigma, CMM and other Software Engineering related topics like UML, Technology specific trainings Database and Unix that are still required to become a good software tester.

Fresher and experienced testers needs relevant trainings:

Software Testing Training
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What is Test Case

Test Case is a terminology related to Software Testing and Software Engineering. Test Case can be defined as set of “Actions”, “input data” and “Expected” results.

Test Case = Actions + Input Data + Expected results

Click on the above image to see full sized image.

A good Test Case is one which is more realistic, validates requirements and intends to find maximum defects.

Other Test Case Definitions:

IEEE defines Test Case as
A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement.

Boris Beizer defines a test as
A sequence of one or more subtests executed as a sequence because the outcome and/or final state of one subtest is the input and/or initial state of the next. The word ‘test’ is used to include subtests, tests proper, and test suites.
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LoadRunner interview questions

Below is an exhaustive list of LoadRunner interview questions, covering basic and advanced topics like “What is LoadRunner ?”, “What is load testing ?”, LoadRunner scripting, LoadRunner functions, LoadRunner result analysis, LoadRunner controller, LoadRunner correlation and other LoadRunner features.

Prepare for interviews by answering these questions to best of your knowledge and experience OR learn from the answers provided by others.
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QTP interview questions

Below is an exhaustive (over 200 questions) and most frequently asked QTP (QuickTest Professional) interview questions. Try answering questions and will help you to prepare for interview. To answer to questions click on “Answer” link and post your answers. Continue reading →

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