LoadRunner interview questions

Below is an exhaustive list of LoadRunner interview questions, covering basic and advanced topics like “What is LoadRunner ?”, “What is load testing ?”, LoadRunner scripting, LoadRunner functions, LoadRunner result analysis, LoadRunner controller, LoadRunner correlation and other LoadRunner features.

Prepare for interviews by answering these questions to best of your knowledge and experience OR learn from the answers provided by others.

1. What is load testing ? Answer
2. What is LoadRunner ? Answer
3. What is Performance testing ? Answer
4. What is HP Performance Center ? Answer
5. What is Performance Engineering ? Answer
6. What are performance bottlenecks ? Answer
7. Explain the Load testing process ? Answer
8. What are the benefits of using LoadRunner tool ? Answer
9. What are the different types of Analysis Graphs provided by LoadRunner ? Answer
10. What is Remote Agent Dispatcher ? How is it different from LoadRunner Agent ? Answer
11. What are the different tools and options provided by LoadRunner to view a summary of the results after test
execution ? Answer
12. What is Correlation ? Answer
13. What is HP Business Availability Center ? Answer
14. What is the difference between Load Testing and Stress Testing ? Answer
15. What is the difference between Performance Testing and Load testing ? Answer
16. What is the version of the LoadRunner Software you have worked with ? Answer
17. What is SSL ? Answer
18. What is LDAP ? Answer
19. What is scenario ? Answer
20. How to Load a DLL locally Answer
21. How did you plan the Load ? Answer
22. What is Solution Explorer ? Answer
23. How to Load a DLL Globally ? Answer
24. What are the different Vuser Types ? Answer
25. What information does default.cfg contain ? Answer
26. what are Protocols ? Why there are so many protocols ? Answer
27. What is SSH ? What is the difference between SSL and SSH ? Answer
28. What is HTTP ? Answer
29. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS ? Answer
30. What is the difference between Business process flow and scenario ? Answer
31. What are the browsers supported by LoadRunner for Click & Script recording ? Answer
32. What are the steps to configure LoadRunner Run-Time Settings and Parameters ? Answer
33. What are the LoadRunner API method used for calling External Functions in DLLs ? Answer
34. What are the LoadRunner XML APIs that you have used ? Explain each of them briefly Answer
35. What would you do if you see an error stating GUI object not found after first iteration ? Answer
36. When you are recording script and you see problems with recording like images are not loaded, only part of the webpage is loaded or popup window does not open, what do you do ? Answer
37. What is ODBC ? Answer
38. What is VuGen ? Answer
39. What is transaction ? Answer
40. What is a controller ? Answer
41. What are Header Files ? Answer
42. What is a Load Generator ? Answer
43. What are parameter types ? Answer
44. What is a Terminal Emulator ? Answer
45. What is Performance analysis ? Answer
46. Why do you create Parameters ? Answer
47. What is Documentation Library ? Answer
48. Explain about XML Parameter Type Answer
49. Explain about Table Parameter Type Answer
50. What are Mailing Service protocols ? Answer
51. Explain about Internal Data Parameter Type Answer
52. What is version control ? What is its importance ? Answer
53. When to enable and disable socket level recording ? Answer
54. What is the difference between action and Transaction ? Answer
55. What is the protocol used for testing SAP applications ? Answer
56. Explain different parameter types supported by LoadRunner ? Answer
57. What is ALM (Application Lifecycle Management Connection) ? Answer
58. Explain about User-Defined Function Parameters with and example Answer
59. What are the steps for importing Parameter data from database ? Answer
60. What is the protocol used for testing IBM Mainframe applications ? Answer
61. what is DNS ? Answer
62. What is RMI ? Answer
63. What is CORBA ? Answer
64. What is DNS Caching ? Answer
65. What is Virtual Users ? Answer
66. How do you encode Passwords ? Answer
67. What is URL ? What are the contents of URL ? Answer
68. What are the protocols you have worked with ? Answer
69. What is the type of encryption supported by LoadRunner ? Answer
70. What is the LoadRunner function to decrypt encrypted text ? Answer
71. What is connection pooling ? What are the advantages of connection pooling ? Answer
72. What is a scenario ? Answer
73. What is Flex Recording Mode ? Answer
74. What is LoadRunner License Utility ? Answer
75. What is the difference between Node Locked and Unlocked license ? Answer
76. What is think time ? Answer
77. What is ideal think time ? Answer
78. How to Work with Version Controlled Scripts in ALM
Projects ? Answer
79. How have you implemented version controlling for LoadRunner scripts ? Answer
80. What is Throughput ? Answer
81. Explain LoadRunner Support for Asynchronous Communication. Answer
82. What are monitors ? Answer
83. How to Query an XML Tree ? Answer
84. What is extended log ? Answer
85. What is report viewer ? Answer
86. What is Rendezvous point ? What is the need for Rendezvous points ? Answer
87. What is scenario wizard ? Answer
88. What is LoadRunner Agent. Answer
89. How to Serialize Scripts with the LoadRunner Serializer ? Answer
90. What is Manual Correlation ? Answer
91. What is lrd_stmt ? Answer
92. What is lrd_fetch ? Answer
93. What is IP Spoofing ? Answer
94. What is Animated Run ? Answer
95. What is lr_debug_message ? Answer
96. What is lr_error_message ? Answer
97. What is lr_output_message ? Answer
98. What is the use of Breakpoints ? Answer
99. What is LoadRunner API function ? Answer
100. What is smart object recognition ? Answer
101. How to use network drive mappings ? Answer
102. What does vuser_end action contain ? Answer
103. What does vuser_init action contain ? Answer
104. What is Elapsed Time in LoadRunner ? Answer
105. How do you debug a LoadRunner script ? Answer
106. What are the components of LoadRunner ? Answer
107. What is Ramp up ? How do you set this ? Answer
108. How to select item from virtual list box ? Answer
109. How did you find database related issues ? Answer
110. Does LoadRunner support IPV6 applications ? Answer
111. What is the significance of “Vuser-init ” ? Answer
112. How did you find web server related issues ? Answer
113. How many types of graphs are in LoadRunner ? Answer
114. When do you do load and performance Testing ? Answer
115. What are the protocols supported by LoadRunner ? Which of them have used used during load or performance testing ? Answer
116. Where do you set Iteration for Vuser ? Answer
117. How to write user defined functions in LR ? Answer
118. How many VUsers are required for load testing ? Answer
119. Where do you set automatic correlation options ? Answer
120. Explain the recording modes for web Vuser script. Answer
121. How do you identify the performance bottlenecks ? Please explain step by step. Answer
122. What are the languages used for VuGen Recording and Scripting ? Answer
123. Is it possible to perform functional testing using LoadRunner ? Answer
124. What are the languages supported by VUGen editor ? Answer
125. How do you find out when and where correlation is required ? Answer
126. What are the steps for creating a Vuser Script ? Answer
127. How to set the number of Vusers in LoadRunner ? Answer
128. How to end a nested transaction ? Answer
129. How to enable thumbnail generation in LoadRunner ? Answer
130. What is the advantage of running Vuser as thread ? Answer
131. What are the changes you can make in run-time settings ? Answer
132. What is the LoadRunner start-transaction and its syntax ? Answer
133. What is the difference between load and performance testing ? Answer
134. What is the relation between Response Time and Throughput ? Answer
135. How to divide script into multiple Actions ? What is the advantage of dividing script into multiple actions ? Answer
136. What are the difference between standard log and extended log ? Answer
137. What are the types of check points is available in LoadRunner ? Answer
138. What are the various types of Goals in Goal-Oriented Scenario ? Answer
139. What component of LoadRunner is used to record a Script ? Can the script be created without recording ? If yes, how and have you created any script without recording ? Answer
140. Where should you add a web_reg_save_param function to a script ? Answer
141. Does caching have a negative effect on your load testing results ? Answer
142. What is the difference between Overlay graph and Correlate graph ? Answer
143. What is a function to capture dynamic values in the web Vuser script ? Answer
144. What is the difference between lr_error_message and lr_debug _message ? Answer
145. Which web protocol recording level generates the web_submit_form function ? Answer
146. How Asynchronous Functions Differ from Synchronous Functions in LoadRunner ? Answer
147. when a load test fails and web server, database and Network seem to be working fine, where could be the problem ? Answer
148. If you want to stop execution of a script on error, how do you do that ? Answer
149. What is the importance of ordinance in web_reg_save_param during correlation ? Answer
150. What is the difference between transaction and transaction instance ? Answer
151. What component of LoadRunner would you use to play Back the script in multi user mode ? Answer
152. When to use standard and when to use extended logs ? Answer
153. What are the different types of bottlenecks you have uncovered in the load tests you performed ? Answer
154. Is running Vuser as process more advantageous than running Vuser as thread ? Explain. Answer
155. What is the difference between Process and Thread ? Answer
156. Have you attended any formal trainings for LoadRunner ? Answer
157. What do you know about LoadRunner certification ? Are you preparing for LoadRunner certification ? Answer
158. Explain LoadRunner architecture. Answer


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