QTP interview questions

Below is an exhaustive (over 200 questions) and most frequently asked QTP (QuickTest Professional) interview questions. Try answering questions and will help you to prepare for interview. To answer to questions click on “Answer” link and post your answers.

1. What is QTP ? Answer
2. What is Session ? Answer
3. What are Add-ins ? Answer
4. What are cookies ? Answer
5. What is GetRoProperty ? Answer
6. What is SetToProperty ? Answer
7. What is Step Generator ? Answer
8. What is Text checkpoint ? Answer
9. What are Virtual Objects ? Answer
10. What is an Optional Step ? Answer
11. What is Analog recording ? Answer
12. What is Object Spy in QTP ? Answer
13. What is Test Fusion Report ? Answer
14. what is keyword driventest ? Answer
15. How to debugging your test ? Answer
16. Explain QTP Testing process ? Answer
17. How to check Bitmaps in QTP ? Answer
18. How to test a date with QTP ? Answer
19. What are limitations of QTP ? Answer
20. What is data driven testing ? Answer
21. What is database check point ? Answer
22. What is Reporter.ReportEvent ? Answer
23. What is smart Identification ? Answer
24. What is Parameterizing Tests ? Answer
25. How to schedule tests in QTP ? Answer
26. How to Test XML pages in QTP ? Answer
27. What is Automation framework ? Answer
28. What are the datatypes in QTP ? Answer
29. How does QTP identify objects ? Answer
30. What is QTP batch testing tool ? Answer
31. What is action conversion Tool ? Answer
32. What is keyword driven testing ? Answer
33. What is descriptive programming ? Answer
34. Where do checkpoints get stored ? Answer
35. What is meant by Source Control ? Answer
36. What is the cost of QTP license ? Answer
37. How to export object repository ? Answer
38. How to handle exceptions in QTP ? Answer
39. What is Accessibility Checkpoint ? Answer
40. What is test object model in QTP ? Answer
41. What is logical name of the object Answer
42. How to Turn Off QTP test results ? Answer
43. How to analyzing QTP test results ? Answer
44. How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT ? Answer
45. How to declare a variables in QTP ? Answer
46. What is the latest version of QTP ? Answer
47. What is Object Spy ? How to Use it ? Answer
48. What you do if QTP license expires ? Answer
49. Which environments supported by QTP ? Answer
50. How to connect to database from QTP ? Answer
51. How to comment block of code in QTP ? Answer
52. How to change name of a checkpoint ? Answer
53. When to use analog recording in qtp ? Answer
54. How will you handle Java tree in QTP ? Answer
55. How can you handle exceptions in QTP ? Answer
56. How to handle dynamic objects in QTP ? Answer
57. What are environment variables in QTP ? Answer
58. How to update database table from QTP ? Answer
59. How do you setup QTP test environment ? Answer
60. How do we record a pop up window in QTP Answer
61. How to develop Test Frame work for QTP ? Answer
62. What is meant by external files in QTP ? Answer
63. What is the use of Regular Expressions ? Answer
64. How to reporting defects in QC from QTP ? Answer
65. How to test dynamic web pages using QTP ? Answer
66. How to import data for data driven test ? Answer
67. How to check for broken links using QTP ? Answer
68. How can we mask data in QTP script file ? Answer
69. What are check points ? Why we need them ? Answer
70. How to test a stored procedure using QTP ? Answer
71. How to record non-standard object in QTP ? Answer
72. What is the limitation of XML Checkpoint ? Answer
73. When should we use virtual object wizard ? Answer
74. How to test flash applications using QTP ? Answer
75. How to add a page checkpoint to your test ? Answer
76. How to write QTP test results to an Excel ? Answer
77. What are the environments supported by QTP ? Answer
78. What is difference between stub and driver ? Answer
79. How many types of Actions are there in QTP ? Answer
80. How to connect to Oracle database from QTP ? Answer
81. How to make QTP recognise activeX controls ? Answer
82. How to check size of the object repository ? Answer
83. How to record Flex (1.0) objects using QTP ? Answer
84. What is keyword view and Expert view in QTP ? Answer
85. What is recovery manager ? Explain in detail. Answer
86. What factors that affect bitmap checkpoints ? Answer
87. How many types of recording are there in QTP ? Answer
88. How do you test oracle application using qtp ? Answer
89. How do you test oracle application using qtp ? Answer
90. What is the scope of a variable in an action ? Answer
91. How to add run-time parameter to a datasheet ? Answer
92. Explain keyword “CreateObject” with an example Answer
93. How to call winrunner script from QTP script ? Answer
94. What will you do to record Java objects in QTP? Answer
95. How to execute qtp script from command prompt ? Answer
96. What is the file extension test script in QTP ? Answer
97. What are the different loops supported in QTP ? Answer
98. How to call from one action to another action ? Answer
99. How to return value from userdefined function ? Answer
100. What is the file extension of function library ? Answer
101. What are different types of Checkpoints in QTP ? Answer
102. How to create dynamic object repository in QTP ? Answer
103. How to write script without using a GUI in QTP ? Answer
104. How to perform cross browser testing using QTP ? Answer
105. Where is the bitmap chekpoint information saved ? Answer
106. How to perform cross platform testing using QTP ? Answer
107. How would you connect to database using vbscript ? Answer
108. How to perform Test Automation feasibility study ? Answer
109. What is the difference between Winrunner and QTP ? Answer
110. What is the difference between VB and VBScripting ? Answer
111. Does QuickTest Professional (QTP) support Unicode ? Answer
112. How to validate dates like today’s date(02/15/06) ? Answer
113. What are the scripting languages supported by QTP ? Answer
114. How to supress warnings from the Test results page ? Answer
115. Explain in brief about QTP Automation Object Model ? Answer
116. What is the use of function and sub function in QTP ? Answer
117. What is the function for loading a repository in QTP ? Answer
118. What are the different types object repository in QTP ? Answer
119. What are the different ways you can enhance QTP script ? Answer
120. Explain about Smart Identification with a simple example Answer
121. How to execute a Parameterized SQL query in QTP script ? Answer
122. How to call a funtion present in dll from a QTP Script ? Answer
123. How is run time data (Parameterization) handled in QTP ? Answer
124. What are the different types of recording modes in QTP ? Answer
125. What is a Run-Time Data Table ? How to view this table ? Answer
126. Have you have used a COM interface in your QTP project ? Answer
127. What is the maximum number of actions supported in QTP ? Answer
128. What are the different dubugging modes available in QTP ? Answer
129. What are the different ways to parameterize data in QTP ? Answer
130. What is the significance of keywords Public and Private ? Answer
131. Can you launch two instances of QTP on the same machine ? Answer
132. What is the difference between qtp script and vb script ? Answer
133. Give one example where you have used Regular Expression ? Answer
134. How to pass parameters from one action to another action ? Answer
135. what is the regular expression for date format of ddmmyy ? Answer
136. How to close all the opened browsers by using QTP script ? Answer
137. What is the Hotkey that can be used for Hitting spacebar ? Answer
138. How can i add a action (external action) programatically ? Answer
139. How to Save your test using QuickTest Professional (QTP) ? Answer
140. How to break a test if one of the bitmap-checkpoint fails ? Answer
141. What is action split and the purpose of using this in QTP ? Answer
142. What are the Features and Benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP) ? Answer
143. How to open a new test using QuickTest Professional (QTP) ? Answer
144. How to get Class name of a Test Object at run time in QTP ? Answer
145. What are the different types of Test Automation Frameworks ? Answer
146. Will QTP recognize objects in applications like Photo-Shop ? Answer
147. What are the different VBScript function that you have used ? Answer
148. How to pass parameters from one test to another test in QTP ? Answer
149. What is the difference between check point and output value ? Answer
150. What is the difference between functions and actions in QTP ? Answer
151. How would you export a Script from one PC to another in QTP ? Answer
152. What is the extension of script and object repository files ? Answer
153. Which of the check points can be inserted without recording ? Answer
154. How to call external aand built-in-function in a QTP script ? Answer
155. How to find out if a application window is minimized or not ? Answer
156. Which scripting language used by QuickTest Professional (QTP) ? Answer
157. What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action ? Answer
158. What is difference between window(” “) and dialog(” “) in QTP ? Answer
159. Which is better Keyword driven testing or Data driven testing ? Answer
160. What are the types of qtp licenses ? Explain each of them briefly Answer
161. What is the default delay time for web based application in QTP ? Answer
162. How to get class name of test object by repository logical name ? Answer
163. How to load the *.vbs or test generating script in a new machine ? Answer
164. How to choose scripting language between JavaScript and VBScript ? Answer
165. Different ways of adding check points to an application using QTP ? Answer
166. Can we record an application running on a remote machine using QTP ? Answer
167. What are different execution modes available in QTP & explain them ? Answer
168. What is the Diff between Image check-point and Bit map Check point ? Answer
169. How to count number of columns of a database table from QTP script ? Answer
170. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual object wizard ? Answer
171. What is the difference detween text and Textarea checkpoints in QTP ? Answer
172. If you were given thousand tests to executed in 3 days what do u do ? Answer
173. How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in QTP ? Answer
174. What does it mean when a check point is in red color ? what do u do ? Answer
175. What is difference between Analog recording and low level recording ? Answer
176. Is there any function to double click a particular row in a webtable ? Answer
177. What is the use of Text output value in QuickTest Professional (QTP) ? Answer
178. Can we call a QTP script from a main script without making it reusable ? Answer
179. How to insert a check point to a image to check enable property in QTP ? Answer
180. What are the coding standards that you have used for automation using QTP ? Answer
181. How can i import and/or merge an existing repository into my current test ? Answer
182. How to get a text from a list box,a cell from a table,and edit a text box ? Answer
183. What is the difference between test fusion reports and test results in QTP ? Answer
184. What is the difference between Shared Repository and Per Action Repository ? Answer
185. When there are repeatable steps in multiple scripts, what do you do in QTP ? Answer
186. What to do if the tree view of the application is not recognised by the QTP ? Answer
187. How to open notepad without recording nor by running SystemUtil.Run command ? Answer
188. What are the new features available in QTP 11 compared with earlier versions ? Answer
189. What is the difference between debug modes (Stepinto, Stepout, and Stepover) ? Answer
190. During test run option “Run from Step” is not launching browswer window, why ? Answer
191. What are compiled modules ? What is your experience in writing compiled module ? Answer
192. What is synchronization ? What is its relevance with respect to automated tests ? Answer
193. During test execution if error occurs, how to find the object that caused error ? Answer
194. What is the use of command tab in Debug viewer ? Can we execute user defined queries Answer
195. How to change the Object Repository Mode at run time ? i.e., from Shared to PerAction. Answer
196. What are the advantages and disadvantages of global data sheet and local action sheet ? Answer
197. How can an object from a per action repository be called to another per action repository ? Answer
198. What is the size limit for shared object repository ? What would you do if limit is exceeded ? Answer
199. What are the 10 QTP functions that you have frequently ? Explain each of the functions briefly. Answer
200. What are the advantages and disdavantages of shared object repository and per action repository ? Answer
201. What are the challenges you faced with test automation using QTP ? How did you overcome challenges ? Answer
202. How to run multiple instances of an application and how to differentiate 2 instances via QTP script ? Answer
203. How to select particular value from a combo box in current page that was entered in the previous page ? Answer
204. Winrunner and QTP are 2 test automation tools and now from the same company ? Why 2 tools from same company ? Answer
205. Is it possible to change from Shared Object Repository to Per Action Repository and vice verse ? If yes how ? Answer
206. What would be your approach to test a page that displays random questions and answers change the order of display ? Answer
207. When tests are run as batch, QTP shows results for last action only, so how to get results for each action of every script ? Answer
208. Do you have any experience in test automation for SAP ? If yes, what are the challenges you faced and how you overcame them ? Answer
209. What are the differences in exception handling between QTP and winrunner ? Which tool provides better exception handling facility ? Answer
210. Do you have any experience in test automation for Mainframe ? If yes, what are the challenges you faced and how you overcame them ? Answer
211. Incase Global Data sheet contains 0 (zero) records and Local Datasheet contains 4 rows of data. How many times will the test iterate ? Answer
212. On trying to record report generation, report is opened in a new window but QTP does not recognize new window at run time, how to make it work ? Answer
213. How to recognize Flex objects using QTP ? When script is recorded, it takes all objects as winobjects whether they are checkboxes or hyperlinks ? Answer
214. External data is imported to datatable of QTP at run time. In this case, how to set number of iterations for first 10% of the rows in the datatable only, how do we set that in run time ? Answer
215. How to instruct QTP to display errors and ther description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of execution due to an error(for example Object not found) ? Answer
216. How to identify an object from a list of objects that are dynamically generated ? For e.g. on entering 5 in a text box and clicking “Go” button, 5 Dropdown boxes are displayed. How to select value from a particular dropbox ? Answer

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