Software Testing Interview Questions

Below is an exhaustive list of questions asked during Manual Software Testing Interviews. These interview questions are submitted in our Software Testing Forum as well, click on “Answer” link against any of the questions listed below to answer the question to best of your knowledge or read answers submitted by others and provide your inputs.

1. What is Software engineering ? Answer
2. What is Test Case ? Answer
3. What is the difference between error, bug and Defect ? Answer
4. Why is V model called as V Model ? Answer
5. What is DFD (Data flow diagram) ? Answer
6. What is Flow chart ? Answer
7. What is regression testing ? Answer
8. What is retesting ? Answer
9. What is the difference between regression testing and retesting ? Answer
10. What are the different types of software testing ? Explain them briefly. Answer
11. What is SRS (Software requirement specification) document ? How is it useful for software testing team ? Answer
12. What is alpha testing ? Answer
13. What is beta testing ? Answer
14. How is Software Testing different from Software Quality Assurance ? Answer
15. What is Build, Version and Release ? Answer
16. Comeup with Test cases for Pen Answer
17. Comeup with Test cases for Gmail Answer
18. Comeup with Test cases for testing Answer
19. Comeup with Test Cases for testing Login page Answer
20. Comeup with Test Cases for Stapler Answer
21. What is unit testing ? Who does unit testing ? Answer
22. What is Equivalence Partitioning ? Explain with Example Answer
23. What is Decission table ? Explain with example Answer
24. What is BVA (Boundary Value Analysis) ? Explain with example Answer
25. What is Smoke Testing ? Answer
26. What is Sanity Testing ? Answer
27. What is the difference between Verification and Validation ? Answer
28. What is volume Testing ? Answer
29. What is localisation testing ? Answer
30. What is blackbox testing ? Answer
31. What is grey box testing ? Answer
32. How do you decide on Defect Severity ? Explain with examples Answer
33. What is latent bug ? Answer
34. What is the difference between bug reporting and bug tracking ? Answer
35. What are the contents of a good bug report ? Answer
36. what would you do if one or more requirements in requirements document are not clear for you ? Answer
37. What are the advantages of blackbox testing ? Answer
38. What are the disadvantages of blackbox testing ? Answer
39. What is usability testing ? Answer
40. What is the difference between SDLC and STLC ? Answer
41. What is the difference between Performance Testing and Stress testing ? Answer
42. What is the difference between Stress and Load testing ? Answer
43. What is Software Test Plan ? What are components of Test Plan ? Answer
44. what is pairwise testing ? When to use pair testing ? Answer
45. What is the difference between Test Bed and Test Harness ? Answer
46. What are non-functional requirements ? Answer
47. What is cyclomatic complexity ? Answer
48. What is Fish pond analysis ? Answer
49. What is installation/uninstallation testing ? Answer
50. What is fish bone chart ? Answer
51. What is six sigma ? Answer
52. What is the difference between Top down and Bottom up integration testng ? Answer
53. What is defect leakage ? Answer
54. What are the challenges you faced as Software Test Engineer ? Answer
55. How do you manage test data required for software testing ? Answer
56. What is Software Testing Life Cycle ? Answer
57. What are your responsibilities as Software Test Architect ? Answer
58. What is tracebility matrix ? Explain tracebility matrix that you have used Answer
59. What is the difference between Test Scenarios and Use cases in Software Testing ? Answer
60. Explain V model ? Answer
61. Is V model better than Waterfall model ? How ? Answer
62. What is integration testing ? Answer
63. What is compatibility testing ? Answer
64. Give example of high severity and low priority defect ? Answer
65. Give example of high priority and low severity defect ? Answer
66. What is bug life cycle ? Answer
67. What is a deferred defect ? Who decides to deferr a defect ? Answer
68. What does a defect report contain ? Answer
69. When do we start and stop Software Testing ? Answer
70. What is ACID property ? Answer
71. What is Exploratory Testing ? What are the benefits of Exploratory Testing ? Answer
72. What is monkey testing ? Answer
73. What is masked defect ? Answer
74. What is UAT (User Acceptance testing) ? Answer
75. What is peer review ? Why is it important ? Explain peer review with respect to Software Testing Answer
76. Do you have any certifications related to Software Testing ? Why haven’t you tried for one ? Answer
77. What is the difference between System testing and End-to-End testing ? Answer
78. What is the difference between SRS and BRS ? Answer
79. What is 3-tier architecture ? Answer
80. What is acceptance testing ? Answer
81. What is Ad-hoc testing ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ad-hoc testing ? Answer
82. What is security testing ? Answer
83. What is the difference between client server application and web based application ? Answer
84. What is the difference between CMM and TMM ? Answer
85. What is memory leakage ? How to test memory leakage manually ? Answer
86. What are the typical bugs that one would find while testing web based application ? Answer
87. What are cookies ? What would you test in cookies ? Answer
88. What are Test Scenarios ? Answer
89. What is defect life cycle ? Answer
90. What is SDLC ? Answer
91. What is STLC ? Answer
92. What is inspection ? Answer
93. What are the document required by Software Testing team ? Answer
94. What are the deliverables or artifacts created by Software testing team ? Answer
95. What is bi-directional Traceability matrix ? Answer
96. What are the bug tracking tools you have used ? Answer
97. What is Test Bed ? Answer
98. What is risk based testing ? Answer
99. What is SCM (Software Configuration Management) ? Answer
100. what are the qualities of a good Software Test Engineer ? Answer
101. What is stage containment in testing ? Answer
102. What is CMMI ? Answer
103. What is the difference between CMM and CMMI ? Answer
104. What are KPAs ? Answer
105. What is accessibility testing ? Answer
106. What are the minimum requirements for starting testing ? Answer
107. What is Agile development methodology ? Answer
108. If you come across defects that are not reproducible defects ? What do you do ? Would you report them ? Answer
109. What are your responsibilities as Software Test Lead ? Answer
110. How do you review Test Cases ? Answer
111. How do you manage software test environment ? What are the challenges you have faced related to test environment ? How did you resolve it ? Answer
112. What is the difference between 2-tier architecture and 3-tier architecture ? Answer
113. How do you derive Software Test estimates ? Answer
114. When would you update a Software Test Plan ? Answer
115. What is Test Strategy ? Briefly explain sections of a Test Strategy document ? Answer
116. What is Test Approach ? Briefly explain sections of a Test Approach document ? Answer
117. How do you decide on the test cases to be included in regression testing suite ? Answer
118. What is defect density ? Explain the formula Answer
119. How do you define Entry and exit criteria for Software Testing ? Answer
120. What is release notes ? What do you check in release notes ? Answer
121. What is the ideal duration you would suggest between builds for Testing ? Answer
122. Why most of the companies prefer Manual testing over automated testing ? Answer
123. What if a developer denies to fix a bug ? What would you do ? Answer
124. What is the difference between Risk and Issue ? Answer
125. What is Risk ? What is Risk Analysis ? What are the common risks associated with Software Testing ? Answer
126. How are Risks categorized ? Answer
127. What is IV&V ? Answer
128. What is extreme testing ? Answer
129. What are the differences between Reviews and Walkthroughs ? Answer
130. What is the difference between Functional and System Testing ? Answer
131. What is Test Coverage ? How do you meausre Test Coverage ? Answer
132. What is the difference between Smoke and Sanity Testing ? Answer
133. When do you conclude testing is complete ? Answer
134. What are the challenges associated with localisation testing ? Answer
135. What is fuzz testing ? Answer
136. Would you allow released to be deployed without testing ? If yes, in what scenario ? Answer
137. What are the challenges faced by Software Testers at client location ? Answer
138. What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Methodology ? Answer
139. What is metrics ? What is the use of metrics for Software Testing phase ? Answer
140. What are the Software Test Metrics related to Software Testing that you would generate ? Answer
141. What is Test Closure report ? When is it created ? What does it contain ? Answer
142. What would you suggest to do when environment is setup and handedover to Testing team for testing ? Answer
143. What is bug triage ? What is your role in bug triage meeting ? Answer
144. What is Integration test plan ? Explain sections of Integration Test Plan ? Answer
145. What is FURPS ? Explain it with example of Login screen Answer
146. What is test policy document ? Answer
147. What does a Software Test report contain ? Answer
148. What is Cost of Quality ? Answer
149. What are your responsibilities as Software Test Manager ? Answer
150. Do you have any certifications related to Project management ? Why haven’t you tried for one ? Answer
151. What are your responsibilities as Software Test Architect ? Answer

Thank you very much Lakshmi for compiling list of frequently asked Software Testing Interview questions and taking your time in posting them in software testing forum. Readers, if you have more questions which are not already covered in the above list, you can email them to contactus[at]

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